The UK Retail EPOS system for single and multi-store operations

MI-Store - total retail management

  • Control your operations from one system; MI-Store integrates tills, stores, warehouses & websites.
  • Grow your business with automated sales & stock management tools.
  • Manage your business any time, anywhere with MI-Store Roaming.
  • Easy to use intuitive touchscreen technology means your staff wont need training.

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MI-Store is a UK market leading EPOS system & retail management solution provider. With decades of experience in UK Retail EPOS retail and retail technology we have designed the system with your store in mind. An easy to use the intuitive touch screen technology means that your staff (regardless of computer literacy) can master the till with no training the very first time it's plugged in.

With the EPOS system we have developed you can seamlessly connect till to till, building to building and website to website. MI-Store was designed to produce the same intelligent EPOS for a one till store that it provides for a multistore chain with warehousing, website, offices and mail order requirements. Regardless of retail management requirements our EPOS system will not only grow your business, but grow with it.

What is EPOS & why is it so important?

EPOS is an abbreviation for Electronic Point of Sale (occasionally shortened to POS), an EPOS system assists you in maximising the potential of your business; this potential is reached by increasing efficiency and lowering margins. Intelligent stock management helps keep the minimum amount of stock while ensuring products are available and placed in front of the correct customer at the touch of a screen.

EPOS solutions are compositions of purpose built software installed on retail specific hardware (tills, POS servers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, etc.). The purpose of EPOS is not only to speed up processing at the point of sale, but to open up a plethora of business opportunities to retail operations. From publishing and managing stock levels, maintaining customer details, comprehensive supplier & purchasing options and comprehensive sales reports. An EPOS system utilizes all of these to improve your business with the touch of a button.

Why Trust MI-Store?

MI-Store is a UK Retail EPOS system provider that has been supplying the MI-Store EPOS system to UK retailers since the initial dotcom boom. Our UK based team is steeped in retail, technology & UK Retail EPOS history picking up scores of awards over the years, and recently securing a Gold partnership with Microsoft.

When asked what separates MI-Store from other UK Retail EPOS providers we let our technology and existing customers do the talking. To see our award winning technology in action view this video demo, to read what our customers have to say about our EPOS system click here.

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